Where can I find the floor care instructions?

Where can you buy care products?

Stalgen care products are available from product distributors. Here you can get technical information about Stalgen floor care products.

What are the risks of using inappropriate care products?

Only PH-neutral products are suitable for care. Otherwise, there is a risk that the wood may become stained. It is especially dangerous for oak floors.

How often should a wooden floor be cleaned?

Depends on the intensity of the load.

How to prevent signs of wear and tear in busy areas?

Regular floor protective wax Stalgen Wax Refresher application provides additional covering hardwood topcoats protection against wear. Protective wax Stalgen Wax Refresher Use For instructions, see the packaging. Intense in the case of using a protective wax, it will form on the surface over time a thicker layer of wax that will absorb dust and dirt. In this case, wash off the wax layer with intensive washing feature Stalgen Wax Remover. After then initiate a re-protective wax Stalgen Wax Refresher Application.

How to prevent floor surface scratches?

It is impossible to completely restore a hard wax top layer scratched to the wood to its original appearance locally. To do this, it is necessary to restore the surface along the entire width and length of the board, possibly for several adjacent boards. In this case, it is advisable to seek professional help. Scratches that haven't touched the wood can be lightly sanded with 180 grit sandpaper without affecting the tone and sponged on with clear hard wax, buffing it in. Wipe off the excess. Considering that the restoration uses fresh finishing material on possibly re-sanded wood, in all cases the tone and degree of gloss of the repaired floor will be visually different from the surrounding floor. This is due to the fact that the surrounding floor may have changed its original appearance as a result of wear and tear and under the influence of ultraviolet rays. Over time, the difference in tone and gloss will diminish and disappear.

How to prevent tone wear?

Tone Skinny indicates complete wear and tear of the finishing material. Let it be prevent, need regular floor protective wax Stalgen Wax Refresher application. If tone skinny formed locally in the direction of their fibers in the sanding with 120-grain sanding paper, poorly structured with soft drapery brush and apply a cievaska of the appropriate tone with a sponge. Hardwood polish locally on the surface, trying not to touch the surrounding area. Excess hardwood should be thoroughly wiped dry. By repeating the application of hard wax, it is possible to increase the tone Intensity. When the hardwood has dried on top, you can apply the transparent hardwood or Stalgen Wax Refresher. Taking note that fresh finishing material is used for restoration, possibly re-ground wood, All cases corrected floor tone and degree of gloss will be visually different from surrounding floors. It related to this, that the surrounding floor depreciation as a result, and Under the influence of ultraviolet rays may have changed the original appearance. With the difference in tone and gloss of time will decrease and disappear.