From small parquet to long floorboards


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Long floorboards

Floor boards with a length of four to six meters and a width of up to 300 mm are produced with patented technology and construction. They are easy to install, have perfect geometry and are manufactured using the highest quality raw materials.

Patented floorboard manufacturing technology and construction, European patent EP 3553252, patent owner AMBER WOOD SIA.

Two-layer Stalgen parquet structure

Exclusive Premium Boards

Wide floorboards

Floor boards with 4.5mm oak top layer and 12mm waterproof birch plywood are made in widths from 210mm to 300mm. There are 5 surface classifications to choose from, depending on the number and size of the branches, sapwood and surface tone variations. The construction of the plywood sub-deck (FSA) gives the material a unique flexibility. The advantages of the material properties have been highly appreciated by parquet professionals in many countries.

Oak floor boards Rustic with Antique finish

Object floor boards

Floor boards with a 3.2 mm oak top layer and a 9 mm water-resistant birch plywood sub-layer are made in widths from 13 0 mm to 260 mm. There are 5 different surface grades to choose from. The product is characterized by a good price-quality ratio. As the product has a high density throughout the cross-section (750 kg/m³ for oak and 700 kg/m³ for birch plywood) and its thickness is only 12 mm, it is ideal for laying on heated floors.

Oiled oak floorboards


Floor boards with a 3.2 mm oak top layer and a 9 mm moisture-resistant OSB/3 E0 class underlay are manufactured in a width from 100 mm to 210 mm. There are 5 different classifications to choose from. The product is characterized by the best price-quality ratio. Since the product has a high density throughout the cross-section (750kg/m³ for oak top layer and 620kg/m³ for OSB) and its thickness is only 12mm, it is well suited for laying on warm floors. The boards are intended for gluing to the base floor. Effiplank parquet has good sound insulation.

Solid wood floorboards

Solid oak floorboards are made from carefully dried sawn timber from Latvia. The width of solid wood boards is from 100mm to 160mm. They are available in 5 grades. It is a value created by nature that needs no explanation. There are no compromises in terms of ecology or environmental friendliness.Solid wood parquet

Oiled oak parquet classic

"Chevron" parquet

"Chevron" parquet, also known in Latvia as "French herringbone" parquet, is a zigzag parquet. Customers are offered the opportunity to create both solid wood and double-layer glued parquet boards with a width of up to 300 mm and a length of up to 3 meters in the "chevron" pattern. The angle of the boards can be varied according to the customer's choice.

French herringbone parquet

Chevron parquet

Traditional parquet

The most popular type of parquet pattern. It is often confused with "chevron". Unlike "chevron", where the end joints of the planks are sawn at an angle, creating a straight joint line, in the herringbone pattern, the end joints are sawn at a right angle. Any of the Stalgen floor boards can be purchased ready for laying in herringbone parquet pattern. More often, parquet boards with a width of up to 180 mm and a length of up to 1500 mm are laid in a herringbone pattern.

Solid wood herringbone parquet

Premium oak parquet

Skirting boards

Skirting boards are an important element for a beautiful wooden floor. The baseboard is both a floor and a wall design element at the same time. You can order our skirting boards in the same shade as the floor. In addition to skirting boards, sound insulation material is available to tightly seal the seam between the radiant floor and the skirting, while providing sound insulation.

Solid wood baseboards

Solid oak parquet

Mosaic parquet

This is the most complicated type of parquet installation. Planed solid wood parquet boards with a width of 68mm and a thickness of 16mm are laid in various patterns. The surface finish is mostly done after laying the materials, but often the parquet floor elements already finished in the factory and assembled in patterns, which are created by gluing several parquet boards, are laid. When finishing such a floor after laying, parquet boards are only material in the hands of the master. The skills of the parquet installer determine the appearance of the floor after installation and finishing.

Solid wood parquet

SIA Amber Wood concluded an agreement with the Investment and Development Agency of Latvia on April 21, 2016, agreement no. SKV-L-2016/86, for support within the European Regional Development Fund program "Promotion of International Competitiveness".

Automation of the gluing machine

SIA "AMBER WOOD" has concluded contract No. 17.2-5-L-2024/225 with the Investment and Development Agency of Latvia (LIAA) for the automation of the existing gluing equipment and the purchase of 2 positioning robots. The total cost of the project: EUR 217,250.43, while the funding of the Recovery Fund (AF) amounts to EUR 100,000.00.