Amber Wood SIA
Factory of hardwood floors
tel. +371 270 222 20
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     SIA <mstrans:dictionary translation= Wood">Amber Wood is a Latvian oak wood flooring factory.
The production process begins with the purchase of saw logs from Latvian logging companies. From oak logs processed at the sawmill, both solid wood floorboards and parquet are obtained, as well as two-layer floorboards, which we sell under the brand name Stalgen ®. ® Stalgen floorboards, the oak topcoat is glued on a high-quality waterproof birch plywood underlay made in Latvia. For finishing, the highest quality ecological oils and waxes made in Germany are used.
In addition, you can buy everything you need to create a floor from us. We offer to buy baseboards, glues , oils, waxes, varnishes and other products.
From wood scraps and chips, we make high-quality oak wood chip briquettes for heating for the local market.


In this section, about product design, selection, finishing materials and other issues related to product selection.


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