Highlight the natural beauty of wood and make the surface durable
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Surfaces treated with natural oils

Only natural origin oxidative curing finishing materials. No UV curing, carcinogenic, allergenic, environmentally harmful materials are used. Completely harmless to the environment and human health - this is the guideline for naturally lubricated surfaces.

  Stalgen oiled floorboards are treated only with the highest quality wooden floor finishing materials from the German manufacturer of natural finishing materials "Livos".

Surfaces treated with hard wax

Solid wax surfaces are harmless to man and the environment, hardening in the oxygenated environment of the air.   They have increased strength compared to the surfaces of natural oils. Only materials that do not cause allergic reactions are used as a priority. Stalgen hard wax surfaces, UV materials are not applied, therefore, restoration of the protective layer of the floor finishing material is possible without grinding.

"Vintage" surfaces

Highlights the uniqueness of the wooden surface and gives the wood the appearance of a renovated floor. Oil and hard wax finishing materials.

"Ancient" surfaces

Various finishing materials in combination with wood processing effects (structured, sawn, planed, ammonia-treated surface) ensure the uniqueness and unrepeatability of the design.

"Tumbled" surfaces

If you want a truly old-looking parquet floor, this is probably the right surface finishing solution for your floor.

"Fortified_" surfaces

  Fortified_ surface obtained by combining structuring technology with manual labor. As a result, the surface is formed only by the hardest structure of wood. When processing by hand, places of wood corrections are highlighted. Unlike the usual Structuring technologies Here there are no grooves or scratches in the wood. The transitions are flat and smooth. The purpose of the finish is to imitate the structure of an old oak plank floor. Especially good such a finish highlights the individuality and uniqueness of rustic plateau boards.